DVD Discount of the Week: Love is All You Need


With the newest Nordic sensation The Legacy debuting on our UK television screens at the end of the month, what better way to get your Danish fix than to get a head start? Our DVD offer of the week stars renowned Danish actress Trine Dyrholm in Danish/English romantic comedy Love is All You Need.

Dyrholm stars in this heart-warming comedy drama as Ida, a Danish hairdresser who has recently ended a successful round of chemotherapy as treatment for her breast cancer. After returning home, Ida finds her husband Leif – portrayed by renowned actor from The Bridge, Kim Bodnia – is leaving her for a younger woman. Ida soon meets grumpy Englishman Philip (Pierce Brosnan) who discovers that they are both on their way to Sorrento, Italy for their children’s wedding. The hilarious series of events that take place forces Ida and Philip to reconsider their hostile relationship for the sake of their children and about-to-be in-laws.

Love is All You Need is directed by acclaimed Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier who’s 2010 thriller In a Better World won the Best Foreign Language Award at the 2011 Academy Awards. Bier’s other notable works include Brothers (2004), After the Wedding (2006) and the recently released American drama Serena (2014).

Filmed in stunning Danish and Italian landmark locations, Love is All You Need is an uplifting tale of love, loss, family and humour.

This heart-warming film can now be yours for the bargain price of £4.50.

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