DVD discount of the week: King of Devil’s Island


With Pioneer now out on DVD and Blu-ray, this week we are giving you the chance to purchase another piece of Norway’s dark history. King Of Devil’s Island is critically acclaimed and award winning Norwegian film is now available for just £6.

Based on a true story from the early 20th century, King Of Devil’s Island focuses on the island of Bastøy, home to a prison for delinquents. The 11 – 18-year-olds are supposed to be educated back into society, but they are instead subjected to strict and sadistic forms of punishment. The arrival of a new inmate prompts a change in attitude amongst the boys, and leads to an uprising against the hated staff.

Starring the internationally renowned actor Stellan Skarsgård and youngsters Benjamin Helstad and Trond Nilssen, King of Devil’s Island is an intense and haunting depiction of the Bastøy Boys’ Home insurrection of 1915. For one week only, this grueling look at the history of Norway is available for the bargain price of just £6.

Click here to purchase your copy of King Of Devil’s Island.