DVD Discount of the Week: ‘King of Devil’s Island’


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Set in Norway in 1915, the Bastøy residential school for maladjusted boys is the place you are sent to if you are considered to be a societal plight and in need of an education in appropriate behaviour. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Alcatraz, the reform school is isolated on an island far away from the civilisation. Here, school governor Bestyreren (Skarsgård) rules the boys under a harsh regime in his relentless pursuit to punish and quash any sense of individuality or spirit.

We follow new inmate Erling (Benjamin Helstad) who arrives at the barracks and is reduced to just another number among the crowd of deviants: C-19. As Erling discovers the shocking treatment the boys are subjected to, he decides to challenge the rules and debilitating mantras drummed into them: “Escape is nothing but a childish fantasy.” Nevertheless, Erling takes an ultimate stand against the insufferable oppressions wielded by violence and abuse for the justice they all deserve.

Praised for its beautifully bleak cinematography with a Nordic Vision Award win at the Göteborg Film Festival in 2011, King of Devil’s Island (2010) is a perfect addition to your thrilling Scandi home entertainment collection.

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