DVD Discount of the Week: Italian Crime Special


Add to your international crime collection and build an Italian rapport with our special offer DVDs for only £9.99!

We may associate Italy with the boundless beauty, astonishing operatic style, fashion and architecture. However, we are giving you the chance to take an unconventional virtual tour of the criminal underworld. With romance aside, the fictional heart of Italian crime beats as strongly and passionately in these engrossing series. Take a step out of the icy Scandinavian shadows and do not resist the temptation to discover the intense immorality from the Mediterranean.

We are offering our readers a special discounted price on our catalogue of Italian crime DVDs this week to explore the nefarious nature of Neapolitan Noir and beyond:

The Octopus (1984) Series One

This classic and long-running series began in 1984, spanning ten seasons until its climax in 2001. In this first season, Police Inspector Corrado Cattani launches his mission to bring down the Mafia, otherwise referred to as The Octopus.

Fog and Crimes (2005- ) The Complete Season One, Season Two and Season Three

With its roots in crime fiction, Valerio Varesi’s Fog and Crimes centres round the brooding Inspector Franco Soneri whose investigations lead him to uncover deep-seeded crimes in the ever mysterious Northern Italian town of Ferrara.

Inspector De Luca (2008) The Complete Series

The honourable Commissario Achille de Luca battles against political perversion during the Fascist era in four feature-length episodes and is adapted from Carlo Lucarelli’s De Luca trilogy of books, with the first acting as a re-imagined prequel to introduce the distinguished detective.

Inspector Nardone (2012) The Complete Series

Sergio Assisi plays Inspector Mario Nardone in this twelve episode mini-series. While Italian crime drama is influenced by real-life events, such as 1992 (2015), Nardone is based on an actual detective who investigated crime during the 1950s in Milan.

Gomorrah (2014- ) The Series – Season One

Set in Naples, the series based on the novel Gomorra written by Roberto Saviano, follows on from the film Gomorra (2008). Often compared to the likes of The Wire (2002-2008), Gomorrah delivers an intricate web of corruption among an eclectic mix of delinquent characters.

Romanzo Criminale (2008) Season One

From the 1970s to the 1990s, we follow Libanese (Francesco Montanari), Freddo (Vinicio Marchioni) and Dandi (Alessandro Roja) as their gang aim to conquer the underworld of Rome in this epic and volatile journey that spans twenty-five years.

Si prega di godere guardando la serie. Enjoy watching the series!