DVD Discount of the week: Inspector De Luca


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This week’s DVD discount is for the Italian post-war crime drama Inspector De Luca – which you can pick-up for just £7.50 for one week only exclusively from Nordic Noir. http://youtu.be/x-3TzQszLUM Set during the height of Italy’s Fascist regime tumultuous post-war period, Chief Detective De Luca investigates crimes in the city of Bologna and along the Adriatic coast. With little (and sometimes no) regard for those in power – whoever they happen to be – his solitary, uncompromising character often lands him in trouble, but he always retains respect for truth and justice. You can purchase your copy of Inspector De Luca for half of its RRP now. If you fancy indulging in more Italian crime dramas then have a look at this forthcoming release – Inspector Nardone.