DVD Discount Of The Week: Generation War


On offer this week is the epic World War II drama Generation War. This 3-part German series follows a group of friends, from Berlin, who are caught up in the conflict in 1941. All eager to contribute to their countries effort, the group of five, says their farewells and venture off into different aspects of the war, vowing to reunite at Christmas.

War though is unforgiving and their adventure changes them forever. Charlotte is a young Jewish nurse who is deeply in love with Wilhelm, a decorated career soldier who is dispatched to the bitter Eastern Front with his younger brother Friedhelm. The remaining two, Greta and Viktor are lovers who take very different paths. Greta is a talented singer who dreams of fame whilst Viktor is a Jew facing capture and deportation. Slowly but surely their friendship, loyalty, ideologies and courage are dramatically altered over the course of the war.

This vast and fascinating series is now available for just £9.99 on the Arrow Films shop so purchase your copy whilst stocks last.

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