DVD Discount of the Week: Braquo Season 1


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Braquo is the gritty, intense cop thriller from across the channel. When a cop commits suicide after being wrongly accused in a sensitive case, his colleagues set out to clear his name. Along the way, the squad use violent and illegal tactics to solve their cases (they exact punishment on a rapist in episode one by ramming a pen in his eye…).

Set in Paris, the series was first broadcast in the UK in 2009, and the third season of this Gallic thriller will be available on DVD from Monday (21 July).

Described as France’s answer to The Wire, Braquo is about as ‘Noir’ as it’s possible to get. If you’ve missed out, then why not take advantage of the latest in our DVD Discount Of The Week offers, and pick up a copy of Season 1 for just £10

Purchase your copy here.