DVD Discount of the Week: ‘Arne Dahl’ Season One


Own ‘The A Unit’ and the original Intercrimes on DVD for just £11.25!

The first season, from the criminal mind of Jan ‘Arne Dahl’ Arnald, introduced the formidable team of hand-picked, eclectic law enforcers. Arne Dahl season one comprises of five feature-length TV movies, split into two suspenseful parts which launched Arnald’s Intercrime series onto our screens, courtesy of Filmlance International AB. The season one DVD boxset includes:

Misterioso (2011) sees the band of misfits struggle to adapt to their new roles and work alongside each other as a mysterious villain targets high profile financiers in their murderous plot. With their premiere performance needing results to close such a publicised case, the pressure is on to solve the case.

Bad Blood (‘Ont Blod’) (2012) thrusts ‘The A Unit’ into a high altitude situation as they are tasked to apprehend a killer on board a plan from New York to Stockholm. However, the identity of the murdered is unknown. And so the tensions rise as the team collaborate with the FBI in a race to uncover who the maniac is before his rampage continues on Swedish soil.

To the Top of the Mountain (‘Upp till Toppen av Berget’) (2012) links a car bomb in Holland that obliterates a Swedish family to a celebrity chef who is under suspicion of dealing in narcotics. When the victim of the explosion is revealed to be an undercover policeman delving into the chef’s duplicitous acts, the clandestine group search for more clues.

Many Waters (‘De största vatten’) (2012) puts an international pharmaceutical company under scrutiny. The recent fatal shooting of an African immigrant at the happenstance hands of a police officer is investigated. When the suspect announced as a former lover of one of ‘The A Unit’ members, personal feelings threaten to compromise the case after he goes missing during their interrogation.

Europe Blues (‘Europa Blues’) (2012) defies the team as they endeavour to find a logical M.O. to the personal responsible for the death of a man at Stockholm Zoo, the disappearance of eight, female Eastern European refugees and the murder of an old Jewish professor found in a Jewish cemetery. This looks to be their toughest challenge yet…

Arne Dahl season one stars Malin Arvidsson as Kerstin Holm,Irene Lindh as Jenny Hultin, Claes Ljungmark as Viggo Norlander, Shanti Roney as Paul Hjelm, Magnus Samuelsson as Gunnar Nyberg, Matias Varela as Jorge Chavez and Niklas Åkerfelt as Arto Söderstedt.

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Don’t forget to find out what happens next for ‘The A Unit’ as Arne Dahl season two begins on Saturday 17th October at 9pm on BBC Four.