DVD Discount of the week: Above the Street Below the Water

Above the Street_DVD_2D Front-500x500

With Sidse Babett Knudsen and Nicolas Bro’s latest series, 1864,  launching in Denmark next Sunday and arriving in the UK in 2105, we are giving you the chance to experience another film starring the iconic Danish duo. Above The Street Below The Water sees Knudsen and Bro as a married couple, Anne and Ask, who seemingly have the perfect life. They live in a nice and fashionable part of Denmark, have well behaved kids and the ideal careers.

However things aren’t as perfect as they seem and Ask (Bro) is having second thoughts about his marriage and wants to take a break. This leaves Anne dumbfounded and then suspects him of having an affair. As the story develops it becomes clear that Ask’s decision is affecting a lot more people than he initially thought.

A stark and realistic depiction of modern day marriage this underrated film is a must for any fans of Sidse Babett Knudsen and Nicolas Bro and a perfect starter ahead of 1864. The entire first series of this fascinating show is now available for just £6.50

Purchase your copy here.