DVD & Blu-ray Discount of the Week: ‘The Bridge I & II’


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The phenomenal Nordic Noir series, created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt, has been labelled as “The natural successor to The Killing” by The Times and has generated a global impact since first appearing on Scandinavian screens in 2011. Starring Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia as two detectives from opposite sides of the Øresund, forced to work together to solve a murder case, The Bridge follows the striking relationship between Denmark and Sweden in the most chilling of circumstances.

The Bridge I (2011)

The first season puts the Øresund Bridge on the map for international Scandi crime fans. The lights go out and when they are switched back on a severed body is illuminated in the night; straddled across the centre of the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. And so the original case of the series teams up detectives Saga Norén (Helin) from the Swedish police in Malmö with Martin Rohde (Bodnia) from Copenhagen. The partial corpse of a Swedish politician reveals a sinister plot conducted by the mysterious named “Truth Terrorist” or “TT” as the media document his malicious campaign. However, Martin soon discovers he is the killer’s target and his past comes back to haunt him.

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The Bridge II (2013)

Saga and Martin are reunited as a new investigation lures the partners back to the bridge and a new scene of the crime. A ship (not a “boat”) is found containing victims of an apparent pneumonic plague. It appears that an eco-terrorist group is carrying out a political agenda but how far does the network spread? Following Martin’s tragedy in the first season, he struggles to balance his job and family life. While Saga chooses to embark on her own new relationships that test her emotional capacity; putting her outside of her solitary comfort zone. The burgeoning friendship between the detective duo reaches new heights as the powerful finale changes the course of the show forever.

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Remember to tune into The Bridge III when it airs on Saturday 21st November on BBC Four