Denmark Do Eurovision Proud With Spectacular Show

Whether you watched the competition on Saturday night or have simply caught up with the highlights post the event, the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest was an all-round success. The winning entry was Austria’s Conchita Wurst with her song Rise Like A Phoenix, which amassed a huge 290 points.

While they didn’t produce the winner, the Scandinavian countries gave a very good account of themselves on the night. Sweden topped the Scandi charts in 3rd, whilst Norway finished 8th, Denmark 9th, Finland 11thand Iceland 15th.


However, in a shocking snub, Finland was the only Nordic nation not to award points to all of their fellow Nordic countries – awarding a mean-spiritied ‘null points’ to Iceland.

And while the UK is unlikely to be hosting the competition any time soon, if the support we received from our favourite European cousins (an average of 2.8 points) was extrapolated across the continent, Molly would have come in at a more respectable 8th place.

Voting controversies aside, the event, held in Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen, was widely hailed as a spectacular and thoroughly enjoyable show. With Borgen’s Pilou Asbæk trading in his acting shoes for presenter’s ones, the show provided a glitzy yet humorous look at Danish life.

If you are still needing your Eurovision fix, why not allow Pilou to take you on a guided tour of the Eurovision museum in the video below.