David Cameron to pursue ‘Borgen’s televised seven-party debate

David Cameron has made national news this morning after giving his political parties the ultimatum of a live television seven-party debate. The British Prime Minister has agreed to take part in one televised discussion with all seven parties ahead of the May election.

Cameron delivered the news to broadcasters on Wednesday evening, declaring that it would be his ‘final offer.’ If this new proposition goes ahead, the televised debate will take place before 30th March, indicating that the Prime Minister will not appear in a competing contest against Ed Miliband. The Labour leader has accused Cameron of seeking an easy way out of three previous debates, declaring it as ‘wriggling out.’

Having said that, this contemporary debate has been a previous and effective declaration in Danish politics. The political dispute was notably incorporated in the Nordic series Borgen as it saw female politician – and future Prime Minister – Birgitte Nyborg, portrayed by Danish actress Sidse Babett Knudsen, stand action against the opposing political parties.

Recognised as a powerful and liberal female in the political world, Nyborg took centre stage at the televised event and committed herself as the leader of the Centre-Left Party, De Moderates. Not one to play by the rules, the Danish political leader shocked her spin doctor and several broadcasters by improvising her speech and even discussing her item of clothing, claiming she was ‘too fat’ for what was originally chosen. Nyborg declared that she ‘believes we must own up to our mistakes and admit it when there’s something we don’t know.’

British Prime Minister David Cameron has himself confirmed that he is an avid fan of Borgen,with the success of the series exposing audiences to an alternative outlook of politics, suggesting that this may be the profuse and contemporary way forward.

Watch Borgen’s Sidse Babett Knudsen discuss her outlook on Danish politics