‘Dag’ Season One out now on DVD


Prepare to let Dag Refsnes change your outlook on love life…

If you’re experiencing a lull or extinguished spark in your once blossoming relationship, visiting marriage counsellor Dag may be regarded as somewhat of an ‘alternative remedy’ to your ‘situation’.

In the first season of “the celebrated Norwegian comedy series”, we make the acquaintance of Dag Refsnes (Atle Antonsen) whose belief that being in a loving and committed relationship is nothing more than a farce. His job title may connote hope and suggest an element of trust from his clients, but Dag puts his own heart before anyone else’s. As he nurtures his patients that range from a nun’s estranged feelings towards Jesus and sexual advice for couples, Dag struggles with his own misanthropic state.

To make things even more challenging, Dag’s stance on love is compromised when his sister Marianne (Silje Torp) decides to set him up on a blind date with Eva (Tuva Novotny). Now, Dag must venture beyond his emotional safety zone and let the beguiling Eva into his life.

Dag co-stars Tuva Novotny (Crimes of Passion, 2013 and ID:A, 2011), Anders Baasmo Christiansen (Kon Tiki, 2012 and In Order of Disappearance, 2014), Agnes Kittelsen (Kon Tiki, 2012) and Rolf Lassgård (False Trail, 2011, After the Wedding, 2006 and Wallander, 1995-2007).

With the series moving into its fourth season in Norway, Sky Arts has already begun airing the third season to UK audiences. The first episode delighted viewers as the misadventures continued on Friday evenings, just as the second season came to an end. With supporting roles and special guest stars featuring Jakob Oftebro (1864, 2014 and Kon Tiki, 2012), MyAnna Buring (Kill List, 2011 and Ripper Street, 2012-2014 ), Iben Hjejle (Klown, 2010 and Stockholm East, 2011) and Jon Øigarden (Mammon and In Order of Disappearance, 2014), there is plenty to look forward to and investing your time in the Dag brand of treatment is highly recommended!

Book your next session with Dag as season three continues on Friday at 9.30pm on Sky Arts and Sky Arts HD

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