Crimes Of Passion Concludes


For the past six weeks Crimes of Passion, has been enthralling Saturday night audiences on BBC Four with it stylish and seductive take on murder, starring Tiva Novotny, Ola Rapace and Linus Wahlgren. Sadly, all good things must come to an end though and this week’s episode will be our last trip, in the current series, to the picturesque Bergslagen area of Sweden.

The final installment opens with a woman knocking on a vicar’s door on Christmas Eve, with the fear that her husband has gone missing. When the man in question is found murdered, the vicarage and village are soon bombarded with photographers, police and forensic experts turning this peaceful village upside down. Will our trio of detectives get to the bottom of this unsolved crime and end the series on a high note? We will have to wait and see this Saturday night at 9pm.

If you have been unlucky enough to miss Crimes of Passion so far you can still catch up before this weekend by purchasing an iTunes season pass, which gives you access to all of the season so far. Download here.

Watch a clip from this Saturday’s episode below