Character of the week: Stefan Lindman


In the first series of Wallander, a new detective is introduced to Kurt Wallander and his first impressions are not great. Stefan Lindman is a new recruit to the Ystad police department but - before he has even arrived - he’s already slipped up. Whilst on traffic patrol, Kurt’s daughter and fellow police officer Linda, catches her future colleague speeding along a countryside road. After wriggling out of any further repercussions, Stefan manages to unknowingly put his foot in it again but making an off hand comment about Linda in the company of Kurt. Needless to say, this was not a promising start for Stefan; but gradually he would come to redeem himself.

Although his young and brash attitude does not sit well with Kurt over the course of the series, Stefan proves that he has the potential to be a great detective and is a valuable member of the Ystad police. Along with Stefan, Linda is also proving herself to be a promising detective and as the pair’s professional partnership grows so does their emotional connection. With the couple now in a relationship, the dangers of their profession are only heightened.

Stefan is best described as flaky, macho, angry; with little control or friends - but whilst those may be negatives in anyone else’s eyes - Linda can’t help but feel a mutual connection to her lover. Whilst they are both cops, Linda and Stefan share similarly traumatic childhoods where they were abandoned by their want-away parents. Although Stefan still carries the demons of his childhood with him he is careful not to reveal too much about his past, as only gradual snippets are released.

Wallander isn’t the first time Stefan Lindman has appeared in one of Henning Mankell’s creations. The young detective first appeared in Mankell’s 2000 novel The Return Of The Dancing Master where he investigates the death of his former colleague which unveils a network of truly horrifying evil.

Stefan Lindman is portrayed by the actor Ola Rapace who will once again be gracing our screens as police superintendent Christer Wijk in the stylish and seductive Crimes Of Passion, which debuts on BBC Four this Saturday evening.

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