Character of the week: Mikkel Hartmann


Mikkel Hartmann is a loving husband and father who, to many people, comes across as the ultimate decent man: a friend that most people could talk with. Mikkel is also a professional cook to which he embarks on several jobs on sea ships away from home in order to provide for his family. He takes his job seriously and has fun whilst doing it, enjoying the present company and food he prepares along the way.

So much is the case for Mikkel’s latest cooking job aboard the MV Rozen until some unexpected guests show up on the cargo ship. Mikkel, alongside the fellow seamen on board, are taken hostage when their ship is hijacked by Somali pirates. Mikkel is instantly consumed in a game of life and death whilst he thinks about his family in Denmark as well as his fellow crew members. Mikkel immediately takes on the role of the leader; using his initiative and direct manner to remain authoritative. It is apparent from the beginning that Mikkel will do everything in his power to protect his co-workers; and himself.

After the Somali pirates demand a ransom of millions of dollars, things take a turn for the worst between them and the CEO of the cargo shipping company. The head of the company, Peter C. Ludvigsen, becomes the firm’s negotiator leaving the lives of his fellow men in the midst. Mikkel soon begins to take action giving himself, and his crew, the chance for survival.

A Hijacking’s lead character is portrayed by acclaimed Nordic actor Pilou Asbæk, who has worked with the film’s director, Tobias Lindholm, before. The duo had collaborated together on the Danish crime drama R (2010), alongside fellow writer-director Michael Noer, as well as Borgen (2010- 2013). A Hijacking has received critical acclaim, for both Asbæk’s acting and Lindholm’s directing, and has won numorous festival awards.

Asbæk and Lindholm also have two new projects in the works, 9. april and A War, both due to be released in 2015.