Character of the Week: Gro Grønnegaard

Trine Dyrholm stars as a strong heiress who proves she will fight for anything to rightfully claim her inheritance.


Following the death of matriarch Veronika Grønnegaard (Kirsten Olesen); a famous artist whose vision has contributed to the landscape of Danish culture, her family are thrown into an unexpected frenzy. Veronika’s decision to bequeath the Grønnegaard estate to her estranged daughter Signe Larsen (Marie Bach Hansen) unravels animosity amongst her siblings, including her eldest daughter Gro, played by Trine Dyrholm.

Living in her mother’s shadow, Gro has dedicated her life to the arts. She is a privileged, single woman, residing in a contemporary apartment in Copenhagen. Gro exudes confidence with her business acumen and reflects this in her chic, professional attire. She appears to support Veronika’s vocation, despite being the subject of her mother’s condescension and ridicule; managing to hide her affair with Veronika’s married agent Robert Eliassen (Trond Espen Seim). Veronika’s influence is further exemplified in Gro’s career as a gallery director.

However, Gro’s suppressed composure and pent up resentment is unleashed when she finally confronts Veronika about her taunts in the moments leading up to her detrimental stroke. In the wake of Veronika’s death, Gro assumes the role of matriarch which comes under threat by the presence of Signe. Gro is also determined to control the future of the Grønnegaard homestead and is adamant to preserve her mother’s original wishes by transforming the mansion into a commemorative museum under her supervision. This she intends to do at any cost to her family.

As secrets and revelations are brought to the surface Gro’s closeness to her half-brothers Frederik (Carsten Bjørnlund) and Emil (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) is tested and loyalties are realigned. Gro’s strong will and susceptibility to deceit is balanced by her relationship with her eccentric father Thomas (Jesper Christensen). Gro’s love for Thomas creates an acceptance towards his bohemian lifestyle and regards him with a mix of fascination and pity.

Explosive, visceral confrontations arise as Gro’s legacy is in a constant state of uncertainty. She clashes with each of her relations and the morally naïve Signe soon experiences what it is like to be a pawn in Gro’s relentless game to win.

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