Character of the Week: Christian Søgaard


After the groundbreaking murder investigation of Nanna Birk Larsen in the first season of the phenomenally successful crime series The Killing, the second season thrusts Detective Sarah Lund into a military cover-up that involves Major Christian Søgaard as one of her suspects.

Carsten Bjørnlund’s character of Søgaard is the deputy to Colonel Torsten Jarnvig (Flemming Enevold), who is also the father in-law to (Ken Vedsegaard); a war veteran being held in a mental institution for post-traumatic stress disorder. Søgaard lead the operation that got “Raben’s squad out of that mess” and was promoted to Major as a result of his actions. The “mess” was a controversial mission in Afghanistan which is linked to the murder of military legal advisor Anne Dragsholm. Søgaard is very straightforward with his opinions and military mind-set: “War is a dirty business. Innocent people die too. Politicians send us to war, so that you don’t get blood on your hands.”

Søgaard is shown immediately as a caring friend to Raben’s family; his loyalty extending to looking after Raben’s son Jonas and his wife Louise (Stine Prætorius) during his convalescence. He goes above and beyond his duties: dancing with Louise at the ball and offering to help her with DIY jobs around her home. He is eager to spend more and more time with her: “Just say the word. I’ll come and give you a hand.” They share lingering, coy looks and intimate moments, eg. wiping paint from her cheek as she begins to decorate, suggesting a mutual attraction.

Søgaard is a supporting role in the programme, yet he is a core member in aiding the investigation. He is present during the majority of police-military meetings and he oversees Lund and Detective Inspector Ulrik Strange’s (Mikael Birkkjær) jurisdiction when interrogating soldiers at the barracks, ensuring protocol is adhered to under the explicit orders from his superiors. He is approachable and seemingly helpful with volunteering information. He manages to show he cannot be undermined or pushed around by law enforcement when approached out of uniform. However, when he is questioned by Lund his calm and collected demeanour is challenged when incriminating evidence is found in his locker, casting him under suspicion.

Watch a clip from Season 2 in the video below.