Character Focus: Troels Hartmann


This week, it was announced that  Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen will be starring in season three of Netflix’s political drama, House Of Cards. With Mikkelsen in mind, we have decided to take an in-depth look at the politician, Troels Hartmann, portrayed by Mikkelsen in the first season of The Killing.

While Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl) spearheads the investigation into the murder of Nanna Birk Larsen (Julie Ølgaard), the elections are underway in Copenhagen. As the investigation moves forward, Troels Hartmann, busy with his election campaign, comes under scrutiny, and it seems ever more likely that he is a suspect in the murder of Larsen.

We first meet Troels  in the thick of a very heated political campaign, which he believes he can win based on his education policies. However, when things seems to be going perfectly for Troels, one of his campaign cars is discovered to contain the body of Nanna Birk Larsen, jeopardizing his political ambitions.

He is supported by his campaign manager, and loyal friend Morten Weber (Michael Moritzen) as well as his political advisor, Rie Skovgaard (Marie Askehave). Troels’ age and charming personality paint him as a wild card candidate compared to his older peers. He purposefully keeps his past, and actions of the night of the murder, hidden, implying a potential involvement with the case.

Throughout The Killing, we witness Hartmann shift from being he is confident and level-headed to struggling under the pressure of the investigation. His desire to assist the investigation turns to animosity when the media begin digging into his past. Hartmann slowly unravels as a result of his overwhelming paranoia and is forced to confront his demons. Will his conscience overpower his ability to run for mayor?

Mikkelsen is not the only actor in the family with his brother, Mads (The Hunt, 2012), being one of Denmark’s most familiar faces. Lars’ recent credits include appearing in the third season of Borgen, playing the evil media magnate Charles Augustus Magnussen in the third season of BBC’s Sherlock, and as a former Serbian commando in the revenge thriller Montana (2014).

Lars Mikkelsen can next be seen in Ole Bornedal’s Danish war drama series 1864 and the upcoming third season of House of Cards.