Celebrate Bun Week with ScandiKitchen


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This week is your chance to get your mitts on a free Kanelbullar (that’s a cinnamon bun to us non-Scandinavians) courtesy of ScandiKitchen, a gem of a Nordic eatery in the heart of London.

These buns are delightful soft rolls, perfect for an afternoon cup of coffee or as a treat in your lunch hour. They’re just one of a Smörgåsbord of treats at ScandiKitchen, which serves freshly cooked Scandinavian cakes and sumptuous open sandwiches and stocks a range of groceries direct from the Nordic countries.

It has been said that there are as many recipes for cinnamon buns in Sweden as there are people who bake them. But you can be sure that ScandiKitchen’s Kanelbullar will not disappoint and you’ll soon be back for more.

To claim your free Kanelbullar please click on the link below and print out the voucher provided:

Scandi Kitchen Kanelbullar link