Catch up with the Grønnegaards


A look back at the award-winning seasons of The Legacy

The third and final season of DR’s The Legacy premieres on Sky Arts tonight. It’s been a two-year wait for UK audiences to return to the Grønnegaard estate in the rural climes of Southern Funen. Since then, we have seen the stars on the big screen, with Trine Dyrholm sweeping the festival circuit in Thomas Vinterberg’s The Commune, Mikkel Boe Følgaard starring in the Oscar-nominated Land of Mine, and Jesper Christensen reprising his role as the James Bond villain, Mr. White, in Spectre.

For fans to get reacquainted with the volatile, yet lovable Danish family, here is a retrospective of The Legacy from the first episode.

In the Beginning…

The death of the renowned artist and matriarch Veronika Grønnegaard (Kirsten Olesen) sets the wheels of dysfunction in motion, after bequeathing her stately Grønnegaard home to estranged daughter Signe “Sunshine” Larsen (Marie Bach Hansen). However, the Grønnegaard siblings Gro (Trine Dyrholm), Frederik (Carsten Bjørnlund) and Emil (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) come together to try and take back their inheritance.

The first season sees each of the siblings attempting to make peace and get along, with Gro’s creative hippie father Thomas Konrad (Jesper Christensen) caught up in the middle. However, it’s not long before physical conflict and deceit threaten any reason or resolution from happening. Instead, the will is contested in court, with Frederik and Signe pitted against each other. In the season finale, a new matriarch is crowned – to the Grønnegaard manor born.

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Nordicana 2015

At our very own Nordicana: Nordic Noir & Beyond Live 2015, stars from our favourite Scandi crime and drama series gathered in East London, including Sofie Gråbøl, Sofia Helin and the cast of The Legacy. Trine Dyrholm, Marie Bach Hansen and Jesper Christensen joined Ian Haydn Smith and Barry Forshaw for audience Q&As, along with a preview screening of the first episode of The Legacy II.

Trine Dyrholm spoke about the success of The Legacy: “It has been very inspiring and creative. We are so honoured that the show has travelled so much, and I think that if it hadn’t been for The Killing, Borgen, and the other Scandinavian television series we would not have travelled so much. We inspire each other and it has been a fantastic journey. We are overwhelmed by the success of Scandinavian drama outside of our own countries…”

Watch the cast Q&A with Trine Dyrholm, Marie Bach Hansen and Jesper Christensen here.


A Legacy of Awards

In 2015, The Legacy dominated at their first Robert Prisen ceremony. Not only did the first season garner the award for Best Danish TV Series, Trine Dyrholm won for Best Actress, with Carsten Bjørnlund winning Best Actor, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard receiving Best Supporting Actor and Lene Marie Christensen for Best Supporting Actress. At the 2016 Robert Awards, the cast returned to take home the top accolades, with another prestigious win as the Best Danish TV series. This time, Jesper Christensen was awarded Best Supporting Actor.

The Legacy-Roberts Awards

Second Season Finale

The second season began with Emil imprisoned in Thailand for dealing marijuana, following an unsavoury business deal for his ambitious resort. In stark contrast, Signe started her industrial hemp farm from the ground up which didn’t go as planned. Getting used to her new residence, Signe’s tried to get along with Gro and Frederik, as well as helping to look after Thomas’ new-born baby, Melody, which took its toll. However, after Emil’s release from prison, the siblings were drawn back together which ignited Frederik’s anger issues, affecting his relationship with Solveig (Lene Marie Christensen) and Gro.

Nevertheless, the season ended on a high note with Signe, Gro, Frederik and Emil finally came together as a family in light of Gro’s artistic scam. But what will happen to Thomas? Will Frederik and Solveig get back together? Who will take care of Melody? And can Signe’s new house rules be obeyed?


Find out by watching the first episode of The Legacy III tonight from 9pm on Sky Arts.

The Legacy III is released on DVD and Blu-ray through Nordic Noir & Beyond on Monday 29th May.

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