Carsten Bjørnlund discusses The Legacy – Nordicana 2014


With The Legacy’s TV debut just under two weeks away, we at Nordic Noir and Beyond are getting very excited about its imminent arrival. The Danish series, which comes courtesy of the makers of The Killing and Borgen, sees a family thrown into turmoil following the death of their artist mother. Featuring an impressive ensemble cast including Trine Dyrholm, Jesper Christensen, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard and Carsten Bjørnlund this family drama has already been compared to Borgen and will no doubt captivate Nordic fans in the coming weeks.

Back in February, the visitors at the Nordicana event in London were lucky enough to see the first episode of The Legacy, with none other than Carsten Bjørnlund in attendance. Afterwards Nordic Noir was lucky enough to grab a quick chat with Carsten and he told us about what we can expect from his character in The Legacy.

Watch the video below.

 The Legacy arrives on Sky Arts on November 26th.