British remake ‘Humans’ starts this Sunday


This Sunday night marks the premiere of futuristic science-fiction series Humans.

The eight-part series examines a parallel universe to which humanoids walk the earth, also known as ‘synths.’ They fit into contemporary lifestyle – much like a smartphone or iPad – and become part of everyday civilization.

Humans is based on the Swedish series Real Humans which debuted in Scandinavian in 2012. Although the British remakes bodes similarities to its Swedish original, Real Humans examines The Human Robot; a cyborg that roams in world resembling the human race due to new technological advancements. These robots are so humane and credible that it’s worth asking the question: do we even need the human race?

Humans stars Eva-Jane Willis, Emily Berrington and Gemma Chan and is co-produced by American cable network AMC. Much anticipation has been surrounding the British remake after the Swedish series received critical acclaim.

Humans airs on Sunday 14th June at 9pm on Channel 4