Brand new ‘Arne Dahl’ on BBC Four


This autumn continues to heat up with chilling new seasons of Scandi crime drama

BBC Four, “the home of international drama”, is not wasting any time in yielding to its viewer’s demands. The temperature has dropped; there is an icy hint in the air as winter gradually approaches from the East. And so the nights are getting darker; hence comes the throng of riveting drama enveloping us from the gruesomely seductive realm of Scandinavia. Arne Dahl is back with season two, starting on 17th October.

The latest series has been advertised as part of BBC Four’s upcoming series to watch out for. Author, editor and critic Jan Arnald, or more commonly known by his pseudonym ‘Arne Dahl’, also announced the second season UK air date via Twitter. This follows news of his guest appearance at the Wells Festival of Literature 2015, taking place in Somerset from 9th - 17thOctober:

Arne Dahl ‏@arne_dahl Lots of news right now. The most recent one: Season 2 of #ArneDahl will begin on Sat 17th Oct at 9pm on #BBC4 ….

Filmlance International AB, SVT, ZDF and Nordisk Film presents Arne Dahl season two which follows on from the gripping first season miniseries, based on the 10-part Intercrime novels. The second season completes the Intercrime series with the last five literary adaptations. Audiences can look forward to each new miniseries, which will be aired in two feature-length episode parts: Arne Dahl: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (‘En midsommarnattsdröm’), Arne Dahl: Requiem (‘Dödsmässa’), Arne Dahl: Hidden Numbers (‘Mörkertal’), Arne Dahl: Afterquake (‘Efterskalv’) and Arne Dahl: Eye in the Sky (‘Himmelsöga’). The series is written by Erik Ahrnbom, Linn Gottfridsson, Peter Emanuel Falck and Fredrik Agetoft, adapted from Jan Arnald’s best-selling franchise.


Originally brought together as an elite, clandestine operation, comically code-named ‘The A Unit’ (a homage to The A-Team, 1983–1987) to solve high-profile crimes, the specialised force are reunited after two years. The disbanded team are tasked to uncover the brutal murders which seem to be focused on Polish nurses working in Sweden. The National Police reinstate the ‘The A Unit’ with Kerstin Holm (Malin Arvidsson), a former member of the team, to head the investigation. Shanti Roney, Magnus Samuelsson, Vera Vitali and Niklas Åkerfelt star, with Alexander Salzberger replacing Matias Varela (the Easy Money trilogy, 2010-2013) as Jorge Chavez.

Arne Dahl season two begins on Saturday 17th October at 9pm on BBC Four