‘Blue Eyes’ starts tomorrow night!


Friday nights are about to kick-start the Scandi weekend early!

The campaigns have launched and the votes are coming in. The most scandalous and thrilling lead up to the national Swedish elections is about to taking place. When the murder of a politician and the threat of a terrorist organisation is revealed, can the mystery be solved before the climax of this political race-against-time in Blue Eyes? The new ten episode crime drama begins on More4 tomorrow night!

Right-wing government official Annika Nilsson is found murdered and her daughter Sofia cannot rest until she discovers the truth. What she finds out is an extremist plot between the right-wing political party ‘Trygghetspartiet’ and the terrorist movement ‘Veritas’. At the same time, the suspicious chain of events catches the curiosity of Elin Hammar (Louise Peterhoff); the new Chief of Staff for the Ministry of Justice. She questions important documents that go missing and the disappearance of her predecessor Annika Nilsson. As the election continues, a series of attacks erupt in Sweden while Veritas build up to their own final agenda to bomb the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


Blue Eyes stars Louise Peterhoff, who recently appeared in The Bridge III (2015). The Telegraph defines the actress as “the new Queen of Scandi crime”. In a recent interview, Peterhoff praises her latest role as the Nordic Noir heroine Elin: “When I was first reading the script I thought, ‘wow, she is so driven and is not someone’s girlfriend. She has her own agenda. Like Saga, Elin also has a strong feeling for what is right and wrong. And a sense of loyalty.”

The series co-stars Sven Nordin, Karin Franz Körlof, Kjell Wilhelmsen, Linus Wahlgren, and is created by the collective minds of Robert Aschberg, Alex Haridi, Jörgen Hjerdt, Zoula Pitsiava, Antonia Pyk, Petra Revenue, Mia Sohlman, Fredrik Morheden and Veronica Zacco.

Watch the premiere of Blue Eyes on Friday 25th March from 9pm on More4!