‘Blue Eyes’ starts on More4 next week!


Prepare for the latest politically-laced Nordic Noir to thrill our Friday nights

Blue Eyes (‘Blå Ögon’) is the new Swedish ten-part crime drama which begins next Friday 25th March on More4. This latest series merges the fundamental themes of Nordic Noir and drama; the nail-biting mystery of The Killing with the political landscape of Borgen.

In the lead-up to the national elections, Sweden is thrown into a state of unrest. When politician Annika Nilsson is found murdered, her daughter Sofia launches her own investigation to discover the truth. With her mother’s right-wing views on the government in contention, Sofia unearths an extremist plot that links the right-wing political party ‘Trygghetspartiet’ with the terrorist movement, known as Veritas.


Meanwhile, in the Ministry of Justice, Elin Hammar (Louise Peterhoff – The Bridge III) is appointed as the new Chief of Staff for the Ministry of Justice. However, Elin becomes aware that something is not quite right in her department. Important documents go missing and the fact her predecessor has vanished under unexplained circumstances raises questions. As Elin’s curiosity and fear pull her deeper into the unknown, she is lured to the town where Annika Nilsson lived, Uddevalla.


Along with Sofia, Elin’s suspicions unveil a bizarre conspiracy that points to her predecessor’s sudden disappearance. As the election gains momentum and a series of terrorist attacks erupt across the capital, Veritas sets its sights on the climax to its cataclysmic campaign: the bombing of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Blue Eyes stars Louise Peterhoff, Sven Nordin, Karin Franz Körlof and Kjell Wilhelmsen.


Watch Blue Eyes from Friday 25th March at 9pm on More4