‘Blue Eyes’ out on DVD Monday!


The series that dares to go far-right is available to buy on Nordic Noir & Beyond DVD

We were privy to the behind-the-scenes political goings-on in Christiansborg with the first female Prime Minister of Denmark – Birgitte Nyborg. Whereas, in the Swedish crime series Blue Eyes, the back-stabbing of the opposition’s agenda is not so much a metaphor. We are given a different perspective of corruption and murder in a heightened state of electoral horror. Penned by Alex Haridi, the writer behind the sci-fi series Real Humans, the blend of Borgen and The Bridge is arriving for your home entertainment on Monday 20th June.

Blue Eyes begins with the controversial campaigns in full swing. With only eight weeks until the national Swedish elections, the epicentre in Stockholm is tarnished with bloodshed, to further muddy the ideological waters. However, Elin Hammar (Louise Peterhoff) is deft at identifying a cover-up. Especially when the intriguing ingredients to a mystery stare Elin in the face: the murder of right-wing government official Annika Nilsson which Elin stumbles across, after she is drafted back to government status when the Chief of Staff for the Ministry of Justice goes missing. The extremist plot thickens as an allegiance between the Trygghetspartiet party and terrorist group Veritas could be to blame.


The Arts Desk.com says Blue Eyes is “more like a hybrid of Happy Valley and House of Cards, blending the authentic social range of the one with the scheming political devilment of the other.” While The Guardian states Blue Eyes is “the terrifying TV show that tracks the rise of the far-right in Europe,” and “It’s as claustrophobic as Homeland and as tightly wound as The Wire – but in today’s climate, with the refugee crisis and the rise in nationalist extremism, this new Swedish series feels like a nightmarish documentary.”

The series may be over but you can still get to the truth that lies in the Blue Eyes of the beholder.

Blue Eyes is released on DVD through Nordic Noir & Beyond Monday 20th June. Pre-order your copy from the Amazon store now!