Beyond Nordic Noir


Prisoners of War is a Israeli drama which inspired the incredibly popular American series Homeland. Now in its second season, Prisoners Of War follows three reserves from the Israeli Defence Force who are captured behind enemy lines in Lebanon. Missing for 17 years, two of them inexplicably return. The story of their imprisonment slowly begins to unfold as they attempt to readjust to society and deal with the pressures of being national icons and heroes.


Prisoners Of War Season Two is currently being shown on Sky Arts.

Moving away from the Middle East, we head to France for the third season of Braquo. This police thriller focuses ona team within the Hauts-de-Seine Police Department, who regularly use violent and other controversial tactics in their line of work. When Internal Affairs start an investigation into their routines, the head of group is accused of corruption, provoking his team to set out to prove his innocence.


Season 3 of Braquo is currently showing on FOX UK.