Best of Nordic Noir 2014: 8. Crimes Of Passion brings a touch of style


Nordic Noir took a brief step back in time this year, to a period where the clothes were a lot sharper but the murders were just as gruesome. Crimes Of Passion, starring Ola Rapace, Linus Wahlgren and Tuva Novotny, was set in the picturesque Bergslagen region of Sweden during the 1950s and saw a group of friends investigate the savage crimes that take place in their beautiful surroundings.


Based upon the novels by Maria Lang the series introduced a lush and luxurious look to Nordic Noir that was a far cry from Sarah Lund’s jumpers but the grizzly murders would have been right up the great detectives street. Another thing that was uniquely individual to this Nordic Noir title was its setting. Removed from the hardened streets of many Nordic cities, the crimes took place in the often sun drenched Svealand region of Sweden, that made the crime scenes look quite appealing at times! Super sexy and suave, Crimes of Passion was truly Nordic Noir’s version of Mad Men.

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