‘Beck’ The Series: Volume 1 out to buy on DVD


Commemorate the turn of the long-reigning detective duo by adding the new season of Beck to your Nordic Noir collection

Virtuoso detectives Martin Beck (Peter Haber) and Gunvald Larsson (Mikael Persbrandt) have been on the crime scene, walking the beat and closing cases since the epic series began in 1997. The show has evolved from its literary origins, based on the ten Martin Beck novels by renowned crime fiction authors Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, to new stories and scenarios for the partners to face.

Having already established itself as a franchise in Sweden with 26 feature-length episodes to date, the fifth season of TV movies is available to buy on Monday 16th November. Beck The Series: Volume 1 includes the final episode from the fourth season, complete with four brand new and gripping investigations.


The latest season sparked a warm return for the cool and skilled Scandinavian characters on UK screens in September:

Beck” is a great addition to the fabulous Swedish drama on @BBCFOUR

Gunvald is the man! #Beck@BBCFOUR

I am LOVING Beck on @BBCFOUR – Gunwald Larsson steals the show, then sells it back to you.

And, just as their arrival was praised, the season finale had viewers wanting more:

@BBCFOUR much as I like Arne Dahl please bring back Beck soon. We need more Gunwald.

Whaaaaaat?? I absolutely love @arne_dahl …Loving @BBCFOUR but Nobody told me I’d not have beck to watch too. I wanted 3 hrs @NordicNoirTV

More Beck please @BBCFOUR, tack så mycket

Even more anxious is the notion that the last episode, The Hospital Murders, marks the end of an era, as reviewed in Cafethinking: “The episode was really a farewell to the actor Mikael Persbrandt, for whom this is the last full outing after 18 years playing hard man Gunvald Larsson.” What better reason than this to get your hands on possibly the final time Beck and Larsson will be teaming up on screen.


Beck The Series: Volume 1 includes the following episodes:

Episode 26: Buried Alive

The case from the previous season sees a masked villain burying pillars of society alive in wooden boxes. The bodies mount up as suspects quickly turn up as the next victims. With the threat of a serial killer on their hands, the duo are pressured to solve the mystery in a race-against-time.

Episode 27: Room 302

As Beck and Larsson follow-up on their leads they reveal that the victim of a mugging and a corpse found in a hotel room are connected. However, they must get used to their new boss and his insistence on being actively involved – more involved than they have been used to in the past.

Episode 28: The Family

When an infamous figure of the criminal underworld is shot by a sniper in front of his family, the partners are faced with an infinite number of suspects who could be to blame. However, another case involving a mother killed in a car park is soon discovered to be more than a tenuous link.

Episode 29: The Invasion

Identifying two corpses found buried proves to mystify Beck and Larsson, until the ramblings of a white supremacist may have some significance when an Islamic terrorist group is the primary lead. Could this be a fundamentalist cell operating in Sweden, or is there a far sinister plot closer to home?

Episode 30: The Hospital Murders

A series of hospital murders begins from an unlikely source. An elderly patient suffering from motor neurone disease dies which may appear as death from natural causes. Nevertheless, suspicions arise when the detectives are called in to unveil that the terminal illness has been used as a convenient cover.


Beck The Series: Volume 1 is available to buy on DVD from Monday 16th November. Pre-order your copy from the Arrow Shop here.