Be on the lookout for Crimes Of Passion

If you are already entranced by the latest season of Wallander, which is currently showing on BBC Four, it may take a lot to distract you away from the troubled detective’s new set of investigations yet we feel the series due to follow Wallander may well be of interest.


Crimes of Passion is a period piece set in 1950s  Sweden, primarily in the picturesque region of Bergslagen. The six part series follows amateur detective Puck Ekstedt, his fiancé Einar Bure and police superintendent Christer Wijk as they attempt to uncover the murderous actions that inhabit their beautiful surroundings.Laced with intrigue, sex, betrayal, secrets and lies this new series is inspired by the popular novels of Swedish crime author Maria Lang.

Crimes Of Passion will begin on BBC Four at the end of June following the conclusion of Wallander Season 3.