Arne Dahl to return to TV screens


The second series of Arne Dahl will be filmed between August and December of this year and will be screened on Swedish and British televisions in Spring 2015. Ten one hour episodes will be launched on TV which are based on the crime novels of acclaimed Swedish author Arne Dahl.

The television episodes will be based on Dahl’s novel Misterioso and will take place two years after the end of the previous series. Lead character Jenny Hultin has stepped down as the crime unit’s leader and has left the job to her colleague Kerstin Holm. The tension is high between the unit and as more and more murders occur and the need for critical information is increased.

With the return of old characters, plus the introduction of some new ones, these new Arne Dahl raise the stakes for the group and are already guaranteed must sees for the New Year.

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