‘Arne Dahl’ Season Two Starts This Saturday


Get ready as Sweden’s premier special ops team storms back onto our screens this weekend.

Jan Arnald’s infamous crime fiction cohort – ‘The A Unit’ – reunite “temporarily” when a killing spree interrupts the otherwise joyous occasion of Midsummer in Sweden. The Christian day-long festival, which marks the Summer Solstice, is set to become synonymous with homicide in the first of five, two-part episodes of Arne Dahl: A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Based upon the sixth novel of Arnald’s Intercrime series, A Midsummer’s Night Dream (‘En midsommarnattsdröm’), the team find themselves under the command of new superior and former ‘A Unit’ member Kerstin Holm (Malin Arvidsson); appointed by the National CID. This time, the astute group of detectives are tasked to investigate the brutal murders of Polish female immigrants hiding in Sweden.

Recognisable faces from the first season are joined by new recruit Ida Jankowicz (Natalie Minnevik) who struggles to find her feet in the established posse. Meanwhile, Paul Hjelm (Shanti Roney) tussles to maintain a definitive balance between his personal and professional life as he takes on new responsibilities in the Internal Affairs department.

In this latest case, audiences can expect more action and suspense from the first season, as we follow the detectives on the trail of a new urban menace. Add to this a dose of dry humour and banter between the likes of favourite characters Arto Söderstedt (Niklas Åkerfelt) and Gunnar Nyberg (Magnus Samuelsson).

Arne Dahl season two begins on Saturday 17th October at 9pm, with back-to-back episodes of A Midsummer’s Night Dream: Part 1 followed by Part 2 on BBC Four