‘Arne Dahl’ Season Two Review So Far


How do the latest Intercrime cases compare to the first? We find out from the UK fans…

The Scandi Saturday line-up that makes it impossible to go out  at the weekends continues to take over BBC Four screens. Not just with one stand-alone episode; there are two back-to-back chapters in the crime thrilling series to be transfixed by. To follow-up the finale of the fifth season of Beck, audiences were treated to the launch of the second season of Arne Dahl. ‘The A Unit’ that combines acumen with action are brought back together to flex their maverick muscles and brilliant brain-power in A Midsummer’s Night Dream (‘En midsommarnattsdröm’).

After the opening scenes, which introduces the plot that centres round Polish nurses being hunted down, a brand new title sequence stands out and signifies a difference to the new season. The cleaner, commercial and reduced gritty aesthetic affords the series with a higher production value. Since the first season, which aired in the UK between April and June 2013, there has been a substantial time period for audiences to wait for the Intercrime adaptations from Jan Arnald’s successful franchise to carry on. However, it has been welcomed with positive reviews posted on Twitter. Even Arne Dahl star Malin Arvdisson and writer Arnald himself joined in with the hails of hype:

Arne Dahl: ‏@arne_dahl Now! Now! #arnedahl #bbc4

Malin Arvidsson: ‏@MalinArvidsson_ Finally! Tonight at 9 PM BBC4 shows Arne Dahl season 2 every saturday evening!

New Arne Dahl replaces Beck on BBC FOUR next week,l love Saturday nights ,dancing & subtitles cool combo!

Retweet if you think BBC4 is the saviour of Saturday night TV with subtitled #Arnedahl or favourite if it isn’t

So good to have @arne_dahl back on our screens! #Nordicnoir quality drama

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Alison Graham from the Radio Times offers her views on the new season: “despite the weary clichés, the little bunch gels well together,” with an emphasis on Arvidsson’s character, “led by the formidable, kick-boxing and rather fabulous Kerstin Holm.”

Crimetime Preview describe the show as: “Arne Dahl is a fast-paced, multi-stranded mix of personal cop stories and brutal crime, and this latest offering sticks to the formula,” as well as, “a smartly made and pretty gripping action-drama. Scandi fans will be mumbling tack as the series steps into the slot left by Beck on BBC4.”

From The Killing Times, Chris Jenkins and Deborah Shrewsbury quip: “there’s an odd enjoyment to be had from the quirky relationships of the A-Unit. We just think that by now they’d have been moved to a better office.” However, the second season has entertained a mysterious cameo to the mix: “And what happened to the character of the mysterious janitor, who may have been God, or Arne Dahl?” This enigmatic entity has also sparked the attention of Nordic Noir Twitter fans: “keeping eyes peeled for the mild mannered janitor! #ArneDahl#NordicNoir.” Stay alert for the next suspenseful investigation…

Arne Dahl season two continues with back-to-back episodes of Requiem: Part 1 followed by Part 2 on BBC Four on Saturday 24th October at 9pm