‘Arne Dahl’ season two on DVD Monday


Buy your copy of the latest season on Monday 11th January

The ‘A Unit’ are back and stronger than ever; solving cases as they embark on a mission to keep the streets of Sweden safe. Having reformed and brought together under the new leadership of former member Kerstin Holm (Malin Arvidsson), the elite, hand-picked Swedish police force aired last year as part of BBC Four’s superlative Nordic Noir autumn programme.

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Now, UK audiences can enjoy the further exploits of Jan Arnald’s Intercrime series adapted for the screen and for home entertainment. Recognisable faces from the first season are joined by new recruit Ida Jankowicz (Natalie Minnevik) who struggles to find her feet in the established posse. Meanwhile, Paul Hjelm (Shanti Roney) tussles to maintain a definitive balance between his personal and professional life as he takes on new responsibilities in the Internal Affairs department.


The second season of the electrifying action drama includes five brand new, two-part feature-length investigations to solve:

A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Kerstin Holm is appointed by the National CID to lead the astute group of detectives to investigate the brutal murders of Polish female immigrants hiding in Sweden. When two more victims disappear and their connection links them to a Polish Mafia case, the ‘A Unit’ race to find the missing women before it is too late.


An attempted bank robbery quickly reveals to be the premise for something far more mysterious than an incidental crime. A hostage situation breaks out in an affluent Stockholm district bank, with the ex-wife of one of the ‘A Unit’ held captive. As tensions rise, the culprits’ motivations point to insidious events from the Cold War.

Hidden Numbers

In the Ångermanland forest dark and deep, the team search for a schoolgirl who vanishes on a trip to the northern woodlands of Sweden. Fears of kidnapping and child molestation following witnesses who claim to have seen Eastern European cars in the area seem like a plausible answer. However, in the darkest reaches of the internet, the missing girl may not be so innocent after all.


An exploding subway carriage throws Stockholm into disarray. The ‘A Unit’ are not only trying to decipher what triggered the explosion; they must deal with the fallout and reverberating paranoia of international terrorist attacks promoted by the media. Is this the start of further planned strikes or is the threat from within the community?

Eye in the Sky

In the tenth novel from the Intercrime series, a hold-up at a video shop paints an intriguing picture when further inspection from the security camera portrays a different chain of events. At the same time Paul Hjelm must deal with a greater pressing matters on an international scale in the gripping season finale.

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