DVD offer of the week: Arne Dahl


To The Top of the Mountain, the latest book from award-winning Swedish novelist Jan Arnald who writes crime thrillers under the pen name Arne Dahl is published in the UK on 26 June. The book is the third in the Intercrime series, which follows an elite police unit which investigates violent, international crimes. You can pre-order To The Top of the Mountain from Amazon now.

In 2011 a TV series, adapted from Arne Dahl novels was launched. Simply called Arne Dahl, the series concentrated on a similar investigation unit called A-group; a mix of six carefully selected detectives with different qualities assigned to solve a serial killer case.

To celebrate the release of the new novel, the first season of Arne Dahl is now available exclusively from the Arrow Films shop for just £10, which is better than half price. Grab your copy now whilst stocks last!

Purchase Arne Dahl Season 1 here.