An Interview With Krister Henriksson

With Wallander set to return to screens on May 17, we have decided to dedicate our entire week to the unconventional Swedish detective. The third and final season of Hennig Mankell’s enigmatic character debuts on BBC Four this Saturday night from 9pm and sees Wallander uncover a case of international espionage that is linked to his son-in-laws father.

Whilst we eagerly wait in anticipation for this new season we have a small treat for all you Wallander fans. Earlier this year we were lucky enough to sit down with Wallander himself, Krister Henrikson and discuss the success of the show. In the video Henriksson talks about his admiration of British television dramas, his career and his relationship with Henning Mankell. Watch the video below.

Stay tuned to Nordic Noir for the rest of the week for more Wallander exclusives.