Addictive drama ‘Hostages’ comes to an end this weekend


“How much do you love your family? I don’t think you know until you’re put to the test. Tomorrow morning, you will operate on Shmuel Netzer. He won’t survive.”

The ominous words that sanctioned Dr. Yael Donan on her hazardous duty will now be put to the test in the final episodes of Hostages on BBC Four this Saturday. We present the round up of the suspense and foreboding of Yael’s dilemma so far…

From the first episode, audiences are thrown into the searing action from the ground running. We are immediately entangled in the rallying of the hostage takers, which violently fuses together the unsuspecting Donan family. The ultimatum forced upon the brilliant surgeon and strong matriarch pressures Yael to act as a murderous conduit with her family’s lives at stake. However, Yael’s efforts to delay her part in manipulating the Prime Minister’s death are thwarted when she realises that a network of spies is closely monitoring her. Her attempt to bring the operation forward to appease her anxious captors adds to the unstable atmosphere and challenges Yael’s ability to carry out her hazardous mission without endangering her family further.

The tension increases as the series continues and the Donans’ own issues manifest. The financial problems between Yael’s husband Eyal continue to hound and threaten him to reveal the captor’s plans. A serious altercation leaves Eyal wounded and fighting for his life and their daughter’s secret pregnancy is discovered when the father turns up and is another hostage captured in the household: Yael’s only solution is to enlist outside help. The captors themselves, headed by Adam Rubin, unravel as the villainous hierarchy becomes unstable and a member rises above his rank putting the valuable hostages at risk.

With the intensity mounting up and the captors reaching boiling point, the remaining episodes are crucial. How will this absorbing series end? Will Yael’s medical integrity and morals be the only things compromised? Will the Prime Minister survive? The answers to these questions will be unveiled with each profound twist and turn until the exhilarating conclusion.

Hostages concludes on BBC Four this Saturday at 9pm