Actor Profile: Trine Dyrholm


Born in Odense, Denmark in 1972, Trine Dyrholm was a gifted individual from a young age. Although recognised as one of the most talented Scandinavian actresses around, many will be surprised to hear that it was not her acting that put Dyrholm on the map.

At the age of eight, Dyrholm found her love for music after she joined the local orchestra. Realising that she had a talent for singing, Dyrholm was chosen as the lead singer in a local production of A Christmas Story at ten years old. In 1987, Dyrholm was devoted to music full-time as she became the lead singer for the Danish band Trine & the Moonlighters and the group continued on to win third place in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix; determining Denmark’s representation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Their song Danse I måneskin was released and did well in the Danish music charts alongside Dyrholm’s later hits Blå & Hvide Striber and Et Frossent Ojeblik.

After leaving singing career behind her, at age nineteen Dyrholm attended Denmark’s National Theatre School, Statens Teaterskole. It was here that she fell in love with acting after previously starring as a love struck teenager in romance drama Springflod which won Dyrholm her first Best Actress Bodil Award – Denmark’s National Association of Film Critics Award.

Dyrholm spent the next few years concentrating on her studies and graduated from drama school in 1995. It was during this time that the rising star met acclaimed filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg. The director hired Dyrholm is his comedy The Greatest Heroes before casting her as a hotel maid in his acclaimed drama Festen. Vinterberg was the co-founder, alongside notorious director Lars Von Trier, of the avant-garde filmmaking movement Dogme 95 whose manifest included a series of rules to which they must obey. Some of these regulations included hand-held camera, natural light and on-location shooting; all of which fell under their ten-rule manifesto. Festen depicted the controversial narrative of a dysfunctional family whose secrets unravel during a special celebration. It was the first film to be distributed as part of the Dogme 95 movement and is now considered one of the most significant films in cinema history.


Over the subsequent years, Dyrholm worked on several projects in her native Denmark including the television series Taxi (1997-99) and action comedy In China They Eat Dogs (1999). However, it was Dyrholm’s return to the Dogme 95 movement that earned the actress critical acclaim and her second Best Actress Bodil Award.  Dyrholm portrayed convict and previous heroin addict Kate in Annette K. Olesen’s prison drama In Your Hands (2004) that was shown at the 2004 Berlin International Film Festival.

Dyrholm continued on to win another three Bodil Awards for her performances in acclaimed Danish features Flies on the Wall (2005), for which she played a documentarian, En Soap (2006) as a transgender female, and In a Better World (2010). It was the latter that depicted Dyrholm’s most remarkable performance to date which saw her portray a struggling mother on the brink of divorce. Directed by celebrated filmmaker Susanne Bier, In a Better World received universal praise and won the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2011 Academy Awards. In a Better World demonstrated Dyrholm’s unique and powerful abilities as a gifted and talented actress which she confirmed again this year in the German thriller What Am I – No System is Safe.


Since Dyrholm’s successful career on the silver screen, the actress has returned to television starring in the anticipated family drama The Legacy. This drama follows the lives of five siblings whose recently deceased mother has left her wealthy estate in the hands of her children; causing a dispute amongst the family. This ten-part series is directed by eminent actress and filmmaker Pernilla August and is brought to you from the same production team behind The Killing and Borgen. The Legacy is guaranteed to satisfy Nordic Noir fans around the world with Trine Dyrholm no doubt demonstrating her unique acting talents once again.

The Legacy debuts on Sky Arts at 10pm on November 26th, 2014 and will also be available to watch on Virgin Media.