Actor profile: Sofia Helin


Born in Hovsta, Sweden in 1972, Sofia Helin has transcended over the years as one of the most engaging actresses on screen. Although she is best recognised for portraying the prolific and uneasy Saga Norén in Nordic’s popular series The Bridge, the Swedish native found her feet in the theatre before later developing a career on the silver screen.

After graduating with a career in philosophy from Lund Univeristy, Helin fulfilled her curiosity with drama by attending the Calle Flygares theatre school and later graduating from the Stockholm Theatres Academy in 2001. It was during this time that she marked her screen debut in the Swedish television series Rederiet. Referred to as Sweden’s answer to Dynasty, the series put Helin on the map after she portrayed the young and attractive Minna. She subsequently starred in supporting roles in fellow Swedish drama Tusenbröder and the Martin Beck action drama Beck (2002).


It was in 2003 that Helin received her first starring role, which came in the praised Swedish action film At Point Blank. The actress got her first taste of playing a police investigator in her character Klara, the chief inspector of the Stockholm robbery commission. Although this outlined her first leading role, Helin’s breakthrough came in the black comedy Dalecarlians (2004) which for which she received critical praise.

Helin was well on her way to becoming one of Sweden’s most up and coming film actresses. After featuring in starring roles in a variety of movies including Blodsbröder (2005) alongside Noomi Rapace, Nina Frisk (2007) and Jan Guillou’s epic war trilogy Arn (2007), the Swedish native would gain international success after featuring opposite Vincent Gallo, Juliette Lewis, Udo Kier and Stellan Skarsgård in Tarik Salah’s celebrated Swedish animation film Metropia (2009).


After a decade of esteemed performances, Helin would take on the most iconic role of her career. It was in 2011 that the actress starred in the first series of The Bridge opposite Danish actor Kim Bodnia. The actors portrayed investigative duo Saga Norén and Martin Rohde – lead homicide detectives from the borders of Sweden and Denmark who coincide after the body of a female politician is discovered on the Øresund Bridge. After receiving universal critical acclaim alongside on both series one and series two of The Bridge, the actress will now be taking centre stage along after the departure of her co-star, Bodnia.

Watch Sofia Helin discuss The Bridge character Saga Norén

Sofia Helin has reformed herself into one of the biggest faces of Nordic Noir. She will undeniably continue to draw audiences in from all around the world through her portrayal of one of the most interesting fictional characters of the 21st Century.

The Bridge returns to UK screens later this year or early 2016.