A Review of Nordicana: Nordic Noir & Beyond Live 2015


Nordicana 2015 impresses fans with its Scandinavian festen.

For two full days from 6th to 7th June, the Troxy theatre in East London opened its doors to launch lovers of the popular genre into the irresistible Scandinavian UK setting. Here, the venue was brimming with a host of Nordic related stalls to welcome guests from House of Sverre‘s smoked salmon and pâté open-top sandwiches, Fika’s tasty selection of cinnamon buns, to reindeer burgers served by the Scandinavian Restaurant & Deli. Not to mention a beverage or two from the Kolson bar.


A sumptuous line-up of screenings, Q&A’s and signings began with an exclusive look at the first episode of the second season of The Legacy, introduced by journalist and Nordic Noir author Barry Forshaw. Crowds flocked to attend conversations with leading Nordic Noir heroines Sofie Gråbøl and Sofia Helin. Insights into their characters and career fascinated fans including Helin’s confession that the Porsche from The Bridge was “horrible to drive” and The Killing and 1864 star Søren Malling jumping on stage during Emma Kennedy’s discussion with Gråbøl was an exciting surprise for all to witness.


Camilla Hammerich, producer and author of ‘The Borgen Experience’ signed copies of her book, including Signe Johansen, Barry Forshaw and Emma Kennedy at the Arrow Films book stall. Novels from Scandinavian authors like Stieg Larsson to Karl Ove Knausgaard were available to buy, alongside DVDs and Blu-rays, including 1864 ahead of its general release.

Guests could choose between the Main Stage events, The White Room to listen to academic discussions from a panel of experts on topics such as the real history of Denmark’s Schleswig War in 1864 and [Foreign Affairs] criminally entertaining play The Contract Killer. The Signing Room attracted a lot of attention from die-hard fans who queued in abundance to get signed memorabilia, photos and the chance to chat to the warm and welcoming embrace of their favourite stars.


Here’s what the UK public had to say about their Scandi experience:

I met the super nice #SofieGrabol at #Nordicana2015. @NordicNoirTV@NordicanaUK

Seriously. Congratulations to @ArrowFilms@Jon_Sadler@NordicanaUK Today has been brilliant #Nordicana2015

@tonk5ey@sarahrward1@NordicanaUK@NordicNoirTV@ArrowFilms 1st #Nordicana was a life changing event: I’ve met @AndyLawrence5 & @llanber68!

The question of everyone’s lips is what to expect next year:

Now THAT is how you stage a celebration of @NordicNoirTV. #Nordicana2015 was a major success. Roll on #Nordicana2016@NordicanaUK

Next year #Nordicana, next year.

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