A Quick Chat with Arne Dahl

Roving reporter Sarah Surgey grabbed some time to talk with the best-selling Swedish Nordic Noir author, Arne Dahl, as we look towards the second season of the series which takes his name, due on BBC FOUR sometime in 2015.


Can you tell us how you will be spending your Nordic Christmas this year?

In a cottage on an island in the archipelago of Stockholm, about 100 km north of the city, with scattered members of the family. I hope there will be snow, but it doesn’t look like it. I will also go west, to my wife’s family by Europe’s biggest lake, Vänern.

As we look towards 2015 what plans do you have?

I will finish the first novel in a completely new crime series. I will spend some time in the US, as a guest professor at a small college. And I will try to make more time for writing than in 2014, which was a real travel year. Back to basics now.


What can your fans at NordicNoirTV expect from series 2 of Arne Dahl?

As of yet, I haven’t heard exactly when it will be on BBC, but it will be broadcast in Sweden in February, so it’s pretty soon. You can expect the same intensity and complexity in ten more episodes, covering the last five books in the Arne Dahl Intercrime series. Kerstin Holm is now boss of the team, and they get involved in some really heavy crimes. I haven’t seen more than a few fragments yet, but it does look promising.

You have been instrumental in promoting Nordic Noir. Why do you think this genre has taken off so well?

It’s been a hidden tradition for a long time, especially as literature. When the door finally opened up, you found a full-blown tradition that was close to your own, but still different enough to feel new and fresh. I suppose there were some hidden gems, and, admittedly, quite a lot of crap as well…

Interview by Sarah Surgey

Arne Dahl photographed at Nordicana by Monika Agorelius