A different side of Copenhagen


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Danish crime drama Northwest, directed by Michael Noer and written by Rasmus Heisterberg, follows 18 year-old Casper (Gustav Dyekjaer Giese) as he slowly becomes more involved with a life of crime. The story takes place in one of Copenhagen’s most notorious suburbs, Nordvest.

Nordvest has become a battleground for crime and Casper must commit petty theft in order to make ends meet, working for crime boss Jamal. But where you have crime, you have competition and it’s not long before Casper is finally offered his chance to make his way up the ranks with the new kingpin in town. However, every decision has consequences and Casper throws his family into the centre of a violent war that threatens to destroy them all.

Filmmaker Michael Noer shot the film on location in Nordvest and used local non-professionals as actors. The story of Casper and his brother is also based on two real life brothers he met while visiting the area.

Watch this clip to hear more from Michael Noer and actor Roland Moller on their experiences whilst making Northwest.