‘1864’ movie version to be released on DVD


The cinematic television epic gets a feature-film re-imaging on DVD this month.

Ole Bornedal’s high production value miniseries astounded audiences in Scandinavia and the UK for a myriad of reasons. These include its all-star cast from popular, award-winning Nordic Noir and drama series, such as The Killing (2007-2012) and Borgen (2010-2013), the imperious representation of Danish people on-screen and the controversial depiction of cow abuse to name a few. 1864 notably celebrated an outstanding 1.7 million viewers for its premiere that aired on the leading Danish public broadcasting channel DR1. The show was eagerly anticipated due to its newsworthy high budget of €23 million (173 million Danish krone) with approximately 2,000 extras, 323 sets and filmed in over 36 different locations. This made 1864 the most expensive Danish programme to be commissioned and co-funded by the Ministry of Culture.

So it is no wonder that the Svensk Filmindustri has hailed 1864 as the “outstanding TV premiere in Denmark.” Now, we can look forward to a movie version that has been hinted at for some time as 1864: the Battle for Europe is out to buy on DVD from 18th January 2016.

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Peter Bose, producer of Miso Film, shared his views on the adverse decision from Biografklub Denmark and SF Film rejecting the movie from being exhibited in Denmark: “We have made a wonderful film that is probably not going to hit the Danish cinemas. But the estimates were made before the TV series had been shown. I still think it would have a life. It is a really good movie. Also, it is closer and more intense than the TV series.”

It may be difficult to imagine how the movie can instil the eight-episode series into 121 minutes. However, the style which boasted opulent set designs, an enchanting score from Marco Beltrami and Stanislav Klykov and the dramatic cinematography from Dan Laustsen that guided us through the emotional scenes of love and war is undeniably cinematic. Despite a lack of cinema release in Denmark and the UK, it seems there will be no humiliating defeat for this vision of 1864, as director Bornedal has confirmed that in contrary to this news, 1864 the movie has been “sold to several countries, giving it a life abroad.”

1864: the Battle for Europe is available to buy on DVD from 18th January. Pre-order your copy on DVD from Amazon now!