‘1864’ Coming Soon to BBC Four

One of the greatest battles of Danish history brings together stars from critically acclaimed Nordic dramas Borgen and The Killing.


BBC Four has previously brought The Killing, The Bridge and, more recently, Hostages to the delight of British audiences. Now, the high production value of Ole Bornedal’s 1864 is the next instalment of the BBC’s quality programming remit.

Familiar faces from the popular political drama Borgen (2010-2013) Sidse Babett Knudsen, Pilou Asbæk and Søren Malling are reunited, together with Lars Mikkelsen who starred alongside Malling in the first season of The Killing (2007).

Part historical drama, part fantasy, 1864 is one of the greatest budgets for a television series DR has ever made. The BBC describe 1864 as “an epic, highly cinematic historical drama, in which we become eyewitnesses to momentous events and the extraordinary love story of Peter, Laust and Inge, and how the brothers – along with thousands of Danish soldiers – fought some of the bloodiest battles in European history.” With approximately 2,000 extras, 323 sets and filmed in over 36 different locations in the Czech Republic, the ambitious 8-part series  cost 173 million Danish kroner, produced by Miso Films for DR and co-funded by the Ministry of Culture.

In The Local.dk director Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch, 1994) exemplifies the series as “no war movie, but the tale of human beings. It’s about absurd political interests, human sacrifices and the Danish national mind. 1864 is a tale of time – a story about all of us.”

1864 is coming soon to BBC Four