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Eighteen-year-old Casper (Gustav Dyekjær Giese), who lives in the infamous Nordvest suburb of Copenhagen with his mother, brother Andy and sister Freya, is a talented housebreaker who makes ends meet committing burglaries for neighbourhood boss Jamal. When a rival gangster, Bjorn, makes Caspar an offer of more lucrative terms and, perhaps, the promise of advancement through the ranks of his very white Danish family , the enraged Jamal is not prepared to tolerate defection; things violently escalate, placing the teenager and his family at the centre of a toxic conflict. What could be a predictable genre tale is elevated far above the ordinary by director Noer s fresh script and restrained approach, and by Gustav Dyekjær Giese s natural and powerful performance. His remarkable stillness only serves to intensify Casper s inner turmoil.



“Noer, whose gritty drama R won such raves in 2010, returns with another corrosive look at the criminal underbelly of his native land” – Ian Freer, Empire


“Noer draws energetic turns from these non-pros, while demonstrating a real grasp of the grimy milieu” – James Mottram, Total Film


“Noer’s tale of two brothers comes with a strong sense of crime’s place”

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