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Men & Chicken


Men & Chicken is directed by Anders Thomas Jensen and stars Mads Mikkelsen, David Dencik, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Nicolas Bro and Søren Malling.

Meet the Elias (Mikkelsen) and Gabriel (Dencik) – two somewhat quirky brothers who are about to discover that their true colourful roots. Elias and Gabriel’s lives are forever changed when the man they believed to be their father dies; leaving behind a taped confession that their biological father is still alive. Driven by a curious quest to understand their idiosyncratic identities, the siblings visit their mysterious biological family living in a former, dilapidated sanatorium on the island Ork. Here, Elias and Gabriel come face-to-face with a misfit clan of residents living in their own world, cut off from civilisation on the mainland and learn a shocking truth about their lineage.