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Businessman Thomas (Mads Mikkelsen -Casino Royale, Hannibal) stands at the peak of his career in a high-risk investment company that is on the brink of selling its valuable stake in another firm. However the Russian buyer has encountered irregularities in connection with an alleged suicide of an employee. At the same time Thomas’s mentor and partner, William confides in Thomas that he wants to retire. That night William is brutally murdered in his home and Police arrest Thomas, as he had a motive due to the fact that he would benefit from his partner s death, plus the weapon used was a crowbar belonging to Thomas, with his, and only his, fingerprints in evidence. When Thomas phones his lawyer, the call is redirected to a stranger who threatens to hurt his wife and daughter if he does not give him access to his off-shore bank account in Jersey. Managing to escape Police custody Thomas embarks on a desperate attempt to protect his family and assets, eliciting the help of two closely trusted allies. Also starring Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd (True Blood)



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