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Above The Street Below The Water

Ask is married to Anne, and they have everything you could ever want. Good careers, lovely children, an apartment in a fashionable area of Denmark, and each other. Everything appears to be just as it should be in a modern family faced with juggling work schedules, child rearing, and not least of all love.
But one morning, Anne learns that Ask wants to take a break. Why? Is he seeing another woman? It’s a choice that affects everybody around them.
Above the Street below the Water is a film about the adult generation of today. A generation for whom everything is possible and only the imagination sets the limits for what you can desire. But all choices have consequences…



“Above the Street, Below the Water is a genuine attempt to show some of the perils and pitfalls of marriage and families in the modern world” – Ben Nicholson, Cine Vue

Locals may see the pic as a comic commentary on the country’s incestuously small arts community, but foreigners will likely enjoy it most for the gorgeous views of the capital’s canal-lined inner city” – Alissa Simon, Variety

“Above The Street Below The Water is, is believable, genuine and eminently watchable.” – Steve Willingham, Filmoria

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